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Author AvalonMao Moderator 29 posts
2018-12-9 21:14:02

After returning to the town.

Yug becomes...

The Chapter 4 of "Yug's adventure" is now online!



Shakazulu Bronze 5 posts
2018-12-14 17:36:21
These are really well drawn and I’m impressed with this comic. It’s really good!
Kaz Bronze 2 posts
2018-12-18 12:02:21
[quote]AvalonMao replied at 2018-12-9 21:14 After returning to the town.Yug becomes...The Chapter 4 of This comic is really impressive! Keep it up dude would love to see more of these
kajin707 Bronze 1 posts
2019-4-21 13:47:53
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