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Author lay1014 Iron 23 posts
2019-10-16 16:00:37

How to re** the power consumption of vacuum pump

The vacuum pump will pro** certain power consumption in the process of operation. If the power consumption is too high, the production cost of the vacuum pump manufacturer will increase. In order to save energy and production cost, we can take the following measures to re** the power consumption of vacuum pump.

1. When the bearing of vacuum pump is worn, we should deal with it in time. If the bearing is worn seriously, it should be replaced in time.

2. When the speed is too high, check the driver and power supply.

3. If the liquid density increases, check the liquid density in time.

4. Pump shaft bending: the treatment method is to correct the pump shaft.

5. When the packing is pressed too tight or dry friction, pay attention to loosen the packing and check the water seal pipe.

6. There is friction between impeller and wear ring, impeller and shell. The treatment method is to check and repair.

7. Failure of axial force balance device: the treatment method is to check whether the balance hole and return pipe are blocked.

8. Coupling alignment is **r or axial clearance is too small: the treatment method is to check the alignment and adjust the axial clearance.

When using the vacuum pump, the manufacturer should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance, timely repair or replace the seriously worn parts, regularly check the density of the liquid, correct the pump shaft, and use and maintain it according to the correct method, which can effectively re** the power consumption of the equipment and save the production cost of the manufacturer.

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