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2019-8-19 18:30:26

Do anyone know where it drops now ?

Whysper of Stygian

I still miss the head piece of whisper of Stygian set. I can't get my hands on it anymore. I have like 500+ tries at various locations with various amount if luck but nothing. Does anyone have a clue for it ? The video of Vinci Sid shows that it could at least drop at floor 21 in nightmare but he didnt show his luck stat. My Guess is that it had changed ils ses to drop on a more recent update than the video of Vinci Sid.

*his way to drop

I tried Golem and Worm boss in nightmare as well as floors from 21 to 30 with luck from 50 to 540. Still nothing.

If someone knows, i will appreciate if someone has a clue.

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