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Author Greed Bronze 9 posts
2018-12-16 10:08:44
This is a great game and I’d be missing out if I didn’t give it a try. As some reviewers have suggested, it has a TON of potential and even so it’s already great as is. I have no complaints, but I do have a few suggestions. 1. Notify when friends login 2. Change the chat UI in a manner in which you can still see your HP when you’re chatting 3. Possibly include your own custom keyboard instead of relying on the operating systems keyboard (such as The World of Magic does) 4. PvP - I think it’s doable, if even just for fun or staking items. I’m not sure if trade/staking would work for this, as farming your own things is quite fun and gives a sense of worth to your character. Perhaps an experience gain if you win? Gold? Something of the sort. 5. More maps, which I’m sure are to come. 6. Customizable guild hall. 7. Perhaps make it easier for people to allocate their contribution points? As it is, a lot of my guildies simply don’t invest their contribution points. Thanks!
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